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What Is Happening?


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The Sky Is The Limit

We provide specific recommendations based on your sales numbers. Know where to invest your effort to grow revenue. Compare sales by category, location or region.

3 | 14 Nov.


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Who Do You Care?

Who are your top 10% of customers? If the top 10% of customers contribute to 50% of your revenue, you could invest much less and have a much higher return. Find ways to capture the hearts of top customers with Food.ly.

1 | 13 Oct.


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This Is Awesome

Find the dishes you should focus on. What are the high impact dishes that will make a difference to your business? Identify high potential, and the choose the dishes that give you the highest ROI

1 | 13 Oct.

The probability of success is difficult to estimate;
but if we never search, the chance of success is zero.

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We crunch raw data into meaningful numbers for easy interpretation because we understand that data driven decisions are important, but most people are short on time. So we’re on a mission to deliver a platform that’s powerful, yet simple to use. In the fast moving global F&B environment, our team is dedicated to bringing you the best technology to make sure you always stay ahead.

How It Works



We take raw data and process it on our Food.ly platform.



Our algorithms scan the data to find the best way to opitimze and grow your business. The Food.ly engine identify opportunity areas to increase revenue and reduce inefficiencies.



Food.ly fits any device handsomely. Use it on any mobile device or POS system and you're good to go!



Get recommendations for where to focus your resources next.

Our platform is crafted with the utmost care to fulfill your needs.

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